What is Oil Analysis?

The condition of your engine oil can actually provide vital clues to what is happening inside your engine.  By taking a small sample of your oil and sending the sample to a laboratory, engineers can analyse the condition of the oil to identify any existing or potential issues within your engine.

Oil Analysis has been proven to increase the lifespan of engines and save thousands in repairs costs, through the early detection of deterioration in parts which may lead to significant engine/ machine damage if left untreated.

oil sample

Regular oil analysis of the same engine/ machine provides a working history of your equipment and assesses the  condition and effectiveness of the lubricant you are using.

Oil analysis can save you a lot of money by helping you to make informed decisions of what components of your engine or machine actually need repairing.  In some instances an oil analysis report will flag components within the engine which need repairing/ replacing.  Been forewarned about the risk gives owners the opportunity to shop around for the best price and schedule the repairs at a time which suits their schedule.