Case Studies

broken down car

Case One

A main dealer in Cork had a customer return with engine failure on a 141 he had sold. An engine bearing had failed and the customer was looking for warranty claim on the car. The main dealer had not serviced the car, as the car had been serviced independently.  On inspection of the engine/oil filter the service manager had become suspicious of the oil quality. He decided to get samples of the used oil analysed by our specialised oil laboratory in TE Laboratories Ltd.  We examined the used and virgin oil  for the car and it was evident that the car had been serviced with the wrong grade of oil.

 Case Two

A garage in Cork that specialises in the servicing of a particular brand of car became suspicious of the quality of engine oil they were using. They had recently changed oil suppliers. After using the new suppliers oil they had 2 cars returned out of 9 cars serviced with similar engine problems.  Our oil laboratory in TE Laboratories Ltd examined both the old and new suppliers oil. After testing, it became clear that the two oils were significantly different in  grade . After consulting with the new oil supplier it became apparent that they had mislabeled the oil supplied . The garage re-called the remaining 7 cars serviced and changed the oil before any further damage was caused .