How to choose a laboratory

oil sampling 5 oil equipment
  • Check the laboratory is accredited as it proves that the laboratory have the appropriate quality management systems and test procedures in place
  • If time is a factor in the turnaround of your results, always use a laboratory which test in-house .   If samples have to be sent for analysis in another country the turnaround times are very long
  • Make sure that the lab is a good fit for your company. Carefully outline what your objectives are and make sure the laboratory have the knowledge, expertise and resources to help you achieve these objectives. 
  • Check that the laboratory have the experience to make oil analysis to your requirements and are the correct tests being performed?
  • In the event that a significant issue has been identified during the analysis process, confirm that the laboratory will contact you to bring it to your attention and discussion the possible implications of the results
  • Has the company an online facility for you to access all historical results online? Some laboratories can only provide this information during normal working hours, which may not suit your needs