How to create an oil analysis programme

Oil Analysis Report Lubemonitrix
  • Supervisors/ management must identify which equipment in the business requires regular monitoring. Generally equipment which is considered very valuable in terms of the process, asset value or lack of backup facility are monitored
  • Identify what is the goal of the program: for example, improve the fluid cleanliness levels, reduce unnecessary oil changes, extend the life of the machine
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  • Write detailed procedures of how samples should be taken, by whom and how often
  • Establish routes for sampling
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  • On receipt of the analysis report, a person should be nominated to review its contents and interpret the analysis report
  • Keep records of all predictive oil changes
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  • Schedule maintenance and repairs
  • Set a date for repeat sampling and analysis
  • Annually evaluate how effective the program was in terms of cost savings, reducing the number of repair incidences or machine downtime