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Frequently Asked Questions



The phrase “prevention is better than cure” is certainly the case when it comes to the maintenance of engines and machinery.  Imagine been able to see exactly what is happening within your engine without having to take it apart?  Oil analysis allows us to do just that!   As oil effectively passes through every part of the engine, the condition of the oil can actually provide vital clues to what is happening inside your engine.

What is oil analysis?

Oil analysis is the process of taking a small sample of oil from an engine/ machine, to enable an experienced laboratory perform a diagnostic test that will show the internal condition of an engine/ machine/ lubrication.  


What are the benefits of oil analysis?

Oil analysis has been proven to maximise  equipment performance and reliability.  It can safely extend oil draining intervals and the life of your equipment, saving you time and money.


What is Lubemonitrix?

Lubemonitrix is a sampling tool designed to easily and accurately take oil samples for analysis by our dedicated oil laboratory.  


How often should I sample?

A good start is the manufacturer’s recommendations but sampling intervals can easily vary. Considerations such as plant criticality and environmental factors such as heat, cleanliness and plant operating conditions should be taken into account.

Lubemonitrix processes most routine samples within 2-3 days. Results and recommendations are available in PDF format via email.


Can oil analysis predict equipment failure?

Yes, oil is a working history of your oil filled plant and equipment. It can detect wear and damaging contamination that if left unchecked could lead to equipment failure / reduced performance.


What are the most commonly requested oil tests?

  • Elemental analysis
  • Water, glycol
  • Fuel dilution
  • Viscosity
  • TAN, TBN
  • Particle count


What do you need to take a sample?

If you are planning to take more than one sample we can supply a vacuum pump and roll of sampling tube.

For once off tests we can supply a syringe and an individual length of tube.