Agricultural/ Equipment

tock_128753411-2.jpg”>tock_128753411-2-300×199.jpg” alt=”shutterstock_128753411 (2)” width=”300″ height=”199″ />In todays’ hectic farming environment failure of critical equipment can occur at the most inopportune time and lead to the loss of thousands of euro in production.  Repairs can be expensive both in terms of labour and parts.

Agricultural machinery can be hard on lubricants with a lot of external factors directly influencing the effectiveness of the oil.  Dirt, heat and organic matter can all interfere with the functions of the lubricant.

Benefits of oil analysis


Oil analysis can save you a lot of money by finding the trouble before it causes problems. It literally gives owners the ability to see what is happening within their machine, giving them time to source spare parts and make repairs at times convenient to them.

Regular sampling of equipment over time will show trends in the wear and tear of the components of the machine helping improve the maintenance and extend the life of the machine.  Machinery that is properly maintained will last longer with less downtime.

Oil analysis can determine when the oil you are using is no longer correctly lubricating your machine.  It identifies when you should change your oil and how long the oil will last in your machine.  When oil is no longer lubricating your machine correctly, it can cause unnecessary wear and damage to your equipment/ machine.

Where to take the sample? 


An oil sample can be taken from the engine, transmission or hydraulic systems.Regular Oil Analysis is a simple way to understand your equipment’s health. Act now and take an oil sample today