Car/ Motorbike

The purchase of a car is a significant investment. Whether you areshutterstock_73909861 doing maintenance on your own car, selling a car or buying a car, it is worthwhile to check out what is going on inside your engine.   Lubemonitrix is an oil analysis tool that allows our laboratory technicians test a sample of your oil and show you the condition of your oil.

Function of oil 

Engine oil plays a crucial role in keeping your car, van or SUV running smoothly.  An oils function is to lubricate, clean and cool the engine.  Additives are added to oil to enhance those functions.

 Healthy Oil Healthy oil can improve your mileage, protect and extend the life of your engine, increase your fuel economy, improve performance and prevent costly repairs
Contaminated Oil Oil contaminated with metal shavings from engine parts or foreign debris as a result of worn down engine parts such as bearings, can contribute to irreversible damage to your engine.
Used oil Overtime oil stops providing adequate protection to the engine as it loses its effectiveness to lubricate the engine.  If not replaced, the used oil can actually do more damage to your engine.
Benefits of oil analysisoil sampling 4

Oil Analysis can identify any problems in your engine long before they cause you expensive, unplanned repairs.  Our oil analysis laboratory will give you a detailed report showing the following:

  • How efficiently your fuel is being burned
  • How much life remains in the motor oil
  • Whether there’s water, fuel or other contaminants in the oil
How to take a sample

It is very easy to have an oil analysis done for your vehicle.  We send you a test kit, you take a 60ml sample (we’ll tell you from where). Seal the sample and post it back to us in the prepaid envelope.  Our engineers will test the sample using state of the art technology and within 5 working day (standard suite) you will have a detailed report highlighting any areas which need your attention.