tock_196744643-2.jpg”>tock_196744643-2-150×150.jpg” alt=”shutterstock_196744643 (2)” width=”244″ height=”244″ />Whether it is for pleasure or work, an oil analysis of your vessels engines or stern tube is an important tool to protect the life span and reliability of your engine. Lubricants used on marine engines are very susceptible to water and environmental contamination which can cause the degradation of your engine very quickly.

Benefits of oil analysis


An oil analysis program helps you understand what is happening within your engine. 

Our accredited laboratory analyses the sample to provide a detailed report showing you exactly what is happening within your engine. This knowledge will help you schedule repairs and maintenance at times convenient to your mechanic and schedule. 

Over time regular oil analysis will develop a profile of each engine.  Each profile shows gradual changes in fluid properties, contaminants and wear debris, allowing action to be taken before issues turn into expensive repairs, downtime and loss of productivity.

Marine engine oil samples


Sea-going engines require special attention in oil analysis. These engines are not often mechanically different from their land-borne counterparts, but they are quite different in their environment and how they are operated. They tend to pull heavy and constant power for long periods of time. The operating environment has the engines situated in holds with little air for cooling and little room for maintenance. Some are treated to splashing bilge water and use seawater for cooling.

Marine engine oil analysis has to take all these factors into consideration when determining if a mechanical problem actually exists. From small piston, petrol-fueled engines to gigantic diesels, we have universal wear averages available for determining your marine engine’s health.

 Stern Tube Oil Samples – Fishing Vessels


According to the Department of Transport, Tourism and Sport Marine Surveyors’ Offices: “Stern Tube lubricating oil monitoring is a fundamental factor in the assessment of tailshaft condition in a non-invasive manner. Stern tube bearing lubricating oil should be analysed regularly during normal service conditions and the oil should be drawn in a manner which allows a representative sample to be tested”

With reference to the lubricating oil manufacturer / supplier instructions: “a representative oil sample should be taken every 6 to 12 months dependent on the operational conditions of the vessel”

Regular Oil Analysis is a simple way to understand your equipment’s health. Act now and take an oil sample today.

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