Equipment/ Machinery

Several businesses operate machinery/ equipment which is thetock_165341858-2-300×200.jpg” alt=”shutterstock_165341858 (2)” width=”325″ height=”217″ /> cornerstone to their process.  Any unscheduled delays in the process due to equipment failure can be extremely costly to the business. 

By implementing an oil analysis program you are putting a system in place which identifies issues or damage which will require maintenance or replacement.  This valuable insight into the workings of your machine/ equipment will enable you to schedule downtime and maintenance of your machine/ equipment whilst ensuring the reliability and extended life span of the machine.  Furthermore it saves a lot of money by finding the trouble before it causes problems.

Characteristics of Critical Equipment

  •  Major repairs and overhaul of critical equipment often requires a complete plant shutdown, substantial manpower and subsequent loss of production activities.
  • Significant capital investment in terms of initial purchase, maintenance, repair and training
  • If serviced regularly they have long life lines
  • Downtime is extremely expensive as production must be stopped for unexpected problems or system failure.
Oil Analysis

 Oil samples are completed by taking a small representative sample of fluid from lubricated/ hydraulic machinery.

The samples are sent to our laboratory for our engineers to analyse the lubricant properties, suspended contaminants, and possible wear debris.

Industrial users can view their results using our on-line asset database

Report Structure

 Our detailed reports will show you the condition of the oil, as well as the amount of wear present in your engine.  Please click here for sample reports

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