Oil Analysis Laboratory

  • Oil Lab 4T.E. Laboratories have been providing detailed Oil Analysis Reports to our customers across all industries in Ireland and Europe since 1991.  We are a leading provider of sampling, measurement, analysis, and certification reporting.
  • We have a dedicated Oil Analysis Laboratory which operates to ISO 9001:2008 standards and meets all manufacturer warranty requirements.  We commit to giving all our customers fast, reliable, accurate oil analysis.
  • The Laboratory can provide analysis for all types of synthetic and mineral oils such as:  engine oils, gas engine oils, turbine oils, hydraulic oils, transmission oils, gear oils, coolants, transformer oils, grease, cutting fluids, water based oils, glycols emulsions, diesel fuel, bunker fuel and biodiesel
  • For over twenty years we have been customising our oil analysis suites to get the most effective diagnostic results our customer needs to support their maintenance programs.  Our oil analysis laboratory can process up to 35,000 samples per year.Oil Lab 3
Lubemonitrix gives you access to the following:
  • Large range of testing and analytical services
  • The only laboratory in Ireland with a dedicated in-house laboratory for fuel, oil and transformer oil analysis
  • Our laboratory is equipped with state of the art diagnostic technology
  • We are able to give our customers a faster turnaround for their results – generally within four working days.
  • All our tests and reports are completely unbiased as we have no affiliation to any company Oil Lab
  • We are constantly updating our systems and equipment to incorporate best sample techniques worldwide
  • our engineers are currently developing new methods of testing procedures for oil analysis