While the result of all our tests are a powerful maintenance tool, they are useless if not monitored and acted upon.  Therefore we advise that all reports produced for you should be examined carefully to ensure you are making the best decisions in terms of maintenance scheduling, ordering parts or indeed changing the oil.

For machinery of significant investment we advise that regular oil analysis tests are completed to create an accurate history of the changes within your engine.  We understand how busy you are and therefore our customer service department can schedule delivery dates for new sample kits to be posted to you at intervals convenient to you over the course of a year.

All of our samples are checked individually by our Department Head, when regular tests are completed for a particular vehicle or machine, we begin to build a history of the engine.  If there is a significant changes in results from previous tests, our Department Head will contact you immediately to inform you of the results, to enable you make immediate repairs before anything catastrophic occurs.

prevention better than cure

Benefits of Oil Analysis Reports
  • Interpreting the report correctly will help you make informed decisions and take action
  • Reports raise flags of components in engine which may cause problems
  • Reports immediately alert the customer to abnormal or severe system conditions

As part of the maintenance program companies nominate a senior member of their maintenance team to review all reports. It is their responsibility to schedule downtime, repairs and the ordering of parts.

Please visit the sample reports section of our website this will help you understand how to interpret the oil analysis report correctly.