Sampling Kits

All sampling kits are the same regardless of the type of machinery you want analysed.  What differentiates the Oil Analysis is what tests you require for the sample, which is based on the vehicle type/ engine/ machine.

What is in a Lubemonitrix kit?

The test kits includes a small jar to collect and store the sample, a pair of gloves can be provided on request. The kit includes a label which you fill out and place on each jar to help the lab identify your sample.

A “chain of custody” form must be completed and sent back with the sample.  The kit will also include a white cylindrical package for you to place the sample jar into and a stamped address envelope to return the jar to our laboratory for analysis.

Support Services

  • Access to over twenty years’ experience
  • Our website contains all the information you need to help interpret the analyse reports correctly
  • Prompt reliable service and advice
  • All reports are reviewed by our Section Head/ Analyst prior to emailing the results to our customers
  • All reports are available on-line